Become a Pulsar Affiliate

And help to give others a little space

Make a difference

Help to Make Access to Space Sustainable

If you share our passion for what a greater connection to space can bring to humanity, then this is a practical way for you to help that happen, while you make income for yourself along the way.

All you need to become an affiliate with us is a platform to advertise us from, whether that be a website, a blog, or a social media page.

Generous Commission

We will give you 10% commission on all products, which is more than most affiliate products in this price range

Exciting New Market

No one else is making this product available. It's an untapped desire that many have to connect with space and this helps fulfill that desire for anyone who is not already an astronaut!

Personal Fulfillment

You're not just earning income, you're also helping others to experience the Overview Effect and contributing to sustainable access to space


How it Works

Because the products are currently being pre-sold, we will pay the commission in less than 30 days of completing the transaction. This is two weeks before the launch, which is planned for October. If someone cancels or we need to refund the money, the commission is canceled as well. There is no joining fee or commitment required. You can read more in our Affiliate Terms and Conditions page